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How long does the application process take
- ( anywhere between 48 and 72 hours)
Do we have security
-  (No)
What is the crime rate
- ( You can contact the Union City police department)
What does the credit score need be
- (550 or better)
Is renters insurance required
- (yes)
Do you accept pets
- (No)
Do we provide washer and dryers
- (No we have washer and dryer connections)
Do we have a club house
- ( No we have a community room)
Do we have a exercise facility
- ( We are working to open it up)
Do you accept renters that owe apartments
- ( It most be paid off and proven)
Do we have social events for the community
- (Yes)
Are you open on the weekend
- (No)
Is maintenance available 24 hours
- (for emergency only)